Fun Ranch Pictures

Homemade playgrounds

Still as stylish as ever!

Feeling snug? 

Now that's... flexible

Having Fun in the Show Ring

Our Swan!

Praire View A&M Goat Judging Contest

Looking Stylish

Feeding the cows, again.

Jasper, bathing in the pond

Our flags displayed

Practicing  at the range

Goats overtaking the chair...

Chilling on mom

Having fun with the donkeys

Getting all the itches out

Taking a photo on the tractor with some friends

The finish product of our restored 1953 Ford NAA

A large tunnel we decided to dig in moms garden... why? We don't know.

Selfies are great

Smile for the camera

Hi there!

Our new baby

Stuck in the hay feeder, agian...

Finding the boss

Posing with the rainbow

Our rooster sitting among the flowers

Seats are quite comfortable

Feeding the babies

Reeling in a catfish

In the Bee Keeping Suits

Showing the 1953 Ford Naa

The goat's favorite game... twister

What are you looking at?


Who are you?

The goats always follow the food

Nothing better than the hay feeder

Displaying another catch

The big freeze

Were you looking for me?


Walking on the tightrope

Sitting with the new babies

Hanging with the horses

Milking the Nigerians

Wearing proper attire

Finding a 40 lb Catfish

The donkeys having a party

Playing with the new donkey

Hugging the ducks

The dogs and horse are great friends